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  The School of Material Science and Engineering is one of the institutes of Jiangsu University, and its predecessor was of Zhenjiang Institute of Agricultural Machinery founded in 1972. In 1992, Department of Materials Engineering was founded and in 1999, it was renamed as School of Material Science and Engineering. It has an outstanding teaching team. At present, the school has 3 part-time Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 21 doctoral supervisors, 29 professors, including 1 winner of “China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists”, 2 candidates of “One Thousand Talents Project (CCCPC)”, 3 candidates of “Millions Talents Project”. 35% of the faculty have oversea experience, 80% have PhD degree.

  The School has one post-doctoral research station for Material Science & Engineering, one doctoral program of primary discipline--Material Science and Engineering, five master programs and two professional master of engineering. The discipline of “Material Science and Engineering” of Jiangsu University is ranking the 41th in the newest Disciplinary Assessment of Chinese Ministry of Education in 2012. The School cultivated over 6000 undergraduate students, 612 master degree candidates, 59 doctoral candidates and 43 master degree candidates in engineering since 1972. One PhD student won the award of “100 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations”; 12 masters and 6 doctors won the award of “Excellent Dissertations” of Jiangsu province.

  The School has 5 key Labs, including Jiangsu Key Lab of High-end Structural Materials, Jiangsu Key Lab of Material Tribology, Key Lab of Metal-base Composite & Functional Material of Mechanical Industry, Jiangsu Key Lab of Photonic Manufacturing Science and Technology, Jiangsu Research Center of Aluminum-base Composite and Material Engineering & Technology. It has one Jiangsu Model Center for Experiment Teaching of Material Science and Engineering. These research and teaching laboratories are furnished with state-of-the-art equipments for various materials research activity purposes, from materials processing to characterization and analysis, and even high-level professional training. The school has near 200 issued patents, and has won 35 national, province-level and ministry-level sci-tech awards, with more than RMB¥ 20 million scientific research fund in Year 2012.

  The School actively develops university-industry cooperation to promote the industrialization of research achievements. A batch of university-industry cooperation bases has been established. Eight engineering centers are supported by Jiangsu province, including “Jiangsu High Performance Special Precision Tube Engineering Technology Center”, “Jiangsu Solar Cell Laser Processing Engineering Technology Center”, and nearly 20 enterprise graduate workstations have been established. In 2012, the “collaborative innovation center on high-end metal structural materials and the forming techniques of critical component in key equipment” was established, which united 4 universities, 1 research institute and 3 enterprises.

  The School keeps close relationship with other universities and industries at home and abroad, including Harvard University, Purdue University, University of Wisconsin in America, Aachen TH, Universität Konstanz in Germany, University of Wollongong in Australia, Mie University in Japan, The University of Nottingham, Cranfield Unversity in England, University of Aarhus in Denmark. Two research centers, Sino-Australia and Sino-New Zealand were constructed.

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