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主讲内容:DNA acts as the genetic information carrier for most living organisms on the planet. Nonetheless, DNA is not merely the secret of life. Attributing to its programmability derived from the specific Watson-Crick base pairing, DNA has long been utilized as a smart molecular ligand, for instance, to direct the interactions between materials, or to probe biological systems. My research grounds on the foundation of structural DNA nanotechnology, where DNA is used as basic building blocks that are programmed to self-assemble into prescribed structures with unprecedented fidelity that nearly impossible to achieve by other techniques. In the past years, I have been focusing on: (1) developing advanced self-assembly strategies to enrich the design toolbox of DNA self-assembly to allow people constructing structures with increased complexity; (2) Organizing non-biological (e.g. gold nanoparticles) and biological (e.g. siRNAs) functional materials onto DNA structures for applications in fabricating optical nanodevices and drug delivery. The overall theme of my future research is to design novel materials via engineering DNA and other functional materials for biomedical applications with primary interest in building molecular nanosystems enabling disease diagnosis and therapy.


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