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Experimental center of material science and engineering college of jiangsu university(UJS)
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The Experimental center of material science and engineering college of jiangsu university was established in 2002. And it was approved as the construction unit of the material science and engineering experimental teaching demonstration center of Jiangsu province in 2005. Supported by the fund of Jiangsu Provincial Colleges and Universities' Advantageous Discipline Construction Project, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of High-end Structural Materials Project, and the Project of Central Financial Support for the Development of Local Colleges and Universities, the experimental center gradually developed into a comprehensive experimental platform with functions such as material preparation and processing, microscopic characterization, structural analysis, and performance testing.

There are 17 staff members in this Center, among whom 53% are senior staffs including 1 professor, 8 associate professors(senior engineers) and 8 lecturers(engineers). At present the Center is equipped with 44 powerful instruments such as field-emission scanning electron microscope, thermal-mechanical simulator, high temperature and high speed friction and wear tester, electronic tensile testing machine, laser thermal conductivity detection system, thermomechanical analyzer, etc. The area of the Center measures about 11,000 square meters.

By adopting a scientific, accurate and satisfactory approach, the Center provides a quality service in both teaching and research for the faculty and students of material science and engineering college. At the same time, the Center will also provide accurate and reliable analysis reports for other college of jiangsu university and local communities. Our professional field involves microstructure analysis of solid materials, mechanical property testing, thermal property testing, electrical property testing and chemical composition analysis of materials, which are related to a wide range of fields including materials, power, machinery, the chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics and biology. The Center will do its best to contribute to the development of our University and the society.  We extend a warm welcome to all visitors to our Center.

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