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Faculty & Staff
Mingsong Wang
Date:2018-06-01 | View:
Mingsong Wang
Contact: +86-13952865931


Research Interests:

· Transparent conducting films;
· Gas sensors;
· Sol-gel thin films

Personal Summary:

· 2017.05−, Professor, School of materials science and engineering, Jiangu University
· 2011.08−2017.04: Associate professor, School of materials science and engineering, Jiangu University
· 2008.07−2011.07: Lecturer, School of materials science and engineering, Jiangu University
· 2004−2008, Ph.D. in Materials Engineering, University of Ulsan (South Korea) 
· 2001−2004, M.E. in Materials physics & chemistry, Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics
· 1997−2001, B.E. in Inorganic non-metal materials, China University of Geosciences (Beijing)


· In-situ solution growth of transparent conducting ZnO thin films with pyramid texture, Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant no. 51002066).
· Wet chemical preparation of AZO-based composite thin films with flexible transparent conducting properties, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu province (Grant no. BK20161347).

Recent Publications:

[1] Jindi Wang, Juanjuan Ge, Haigang Hou, Mingsong Wang*, Guiwu Liu, Guanjun Qiao*, Yongsheng Wang, Design and sol-gel preparation of SiO2/TiO2 and SiO2/SnO2/SiO2–SnO2 multilayer antireflective coatings, Applied Surface Science, 422, pp. 970–974, 2017.
[2] Juanjuan Ge, Yang Ping, Guiwu Liu, Guanjun Qiao, Eui Jung Kim*, Mingsong Wang*, Supersaturation-controlled growth of polyhedra-assembled anatase TiO2 hollow nanospheres, Materials Letters, 181, pp. 216–219, 2016
[3] Mingsong Wang*, Jianyu Ji, Shuaijun Luo, Lingxia Jiang, Jiangtao Ma, Xu Xie, Yang Ping, Juanjuan Ge, Sol-gel-derived ZnO/Cu/ZnO multilayer thin films and their optical and electrical properties, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 51, pp. 55–59, 2016
[4] Mingsong Wang*, Lingxia Jiang, Eui Jung Kim, and Sung Hong Hahn, Electronic structure and optical properties of Zn(OH)2: LDA+U calculations and intense yellow luminescence, RSC Advances, 5, pp. 87496–87503, 2015     [5] Mingsong Wang*, Lingxia Jiang, Yulan Wang, Eui Jung Kim*, and Sung Hong Hahn, Growth mechanism of preferred crystallite orientation in transparent conducting ZnO:In thin films, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 98(10), pp. 3022–3028, 2015
[6] Mingsong Wang*, Qihui Li, Haiyan Yu, Seung Hyun Hur, Eui Jung Kim*,Phase-controlled preparation of TiO2 films and micro(nano)spheres by low-temperature chemical bath deposition, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 578, pp. 419–424, 2013
[7] Mingsong Wang*, Yiping Zhang, Yajun Zhou, Fengwu Yang, Eui Jung Kim*, Sung Hong Hahn*, and Seung Gie Seong, Rapid room-temperature synthesis of nanosheet-assembled ZnO mesocrystals with excellent photocatalytic activity, CrystEngComm, 15(4), pp. 754–763, 2013
[8] Mingsong Wang*, Weiqiang Liang, Yunfeng Yang, Juan Yang, Xiaonong Cheng, Sung Hong Hahn, Eui Jung Kim*, Sol-gel derived transparent conducting ZnO:Al thin films: Effect of crystallite orientation on conductivity and self-assembled network texture, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 134(2-3), pp. 845–850, 2012
[9] Mingsong Wang*, Yajun Zhou, Yiping Zhang, Eui Jung Kim*, Sung Hong Hahn*, and Seung Gie Seong, Near-infrared photoluminescence from ZnO, Applied Physics Letters, 100(10), pp. 101906, 2012
[10] Mingsong Wang*, Yajun Zhou, Yiping Zhang, Sung Hong Hahn, Eui Jung Kim*, From Zn(OH)2 to ZnO: A study on the mechanism of phase transformation, CrystEngComm, 13(20), pp. 6024–6026, 2011
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