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The high-end forum for the training of materials innovation talents for new engineering is held in our school
Date:2019-05-20 | View:

      From May 17th to 19th, it was sponsored by the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Materials Department of the Ministry of Education, and was supervised by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education. The 2019 "New Era, New Mission, New Tasks - New Engineering" The high-end forum for the cultivation of innovative materials for materials was held at Jiangsu University. More than 330 experts and scholars from more than 120 universities, five publishing houses and the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation gathered in Zhenjiang to analyze the situation and challenges faced by China's material talents training and further clarify the materials of the new era. The new mission and new tasks of undergraduate educators will jointly discuss new methods and new paths to promote the reform and development of materials-based undergraduate education in China. 


On the morning of the 18th, the opening ceremony of the forum was held in the small auditorium. Chairman of the forum, Chairman of the Materials Teaching Professional Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, Academician Zhou Yu of the President of Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor Jiang Maofa, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Education, Professor Zhu Meifang, Professor Yu Lin, Secretary-General, and more than 30 members of the Teaching and Learning Committee, Ministry of Education Deputy Director of the Department of Higher Education, Yang Qiubo, Deputy Director of the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, Wang Chengbin, Director of the Higher Education Department of Jiangsu Province, Shao Jin, Professor of the Party Committee of the School, Professor Yuan Shouqi, Vice President Mei Qiang, the official representatives of the forum and More than 400 people including the relevant departments of the school, the heads of the college and related professional leaders and teachers attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Yan Xiaohong, the chairman of the forum and the president of the forum.

Professor Yuan Shouqi, secretary of the school party committee, first gave a welcome speech. On behalf of Jiangsu University, he expressed warm congratulations on the convening of this forum and expressed sincere welcome to the guests. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your long-term support to Jiangsu University, especially the School of Materials. In his speech, he briefly introduced the history of Jiangsu University and the current development of the school's career, and introduced the achievements and characteristics of the discipline construction and talent training of the School of Materials Science. He hopes that this forum will collide with the radiance of ideas, the spark of wisdom and the fruitful achievements, and make new and greater contributions to the promotion of high-quality development of materials innovation talents in the new era.

Academician Zhou Yu delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer. He first expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education for their guidance and support to the forum and the efforts of Jiangsu University for the success of the forum. Expressing sincere welcome, this paper elaborates on the background and theme of the forum, and briefly introduces the main activities. He pointed out that this is a grand meeting for the training of materials talents after the establishment of the new teaching committee. The advancement of technology is inseparable from the development of materials, and the development of materials requires a large number of talents. He hopes to focus on the fundamental mission of "cultivating people", seize the core of revitalizing undergraduate education, speed up the construction of a high-level talent training system for materials, and comprehensively improve the ability of personnel training


In his speech, Deputy Director Wang Chengbin first expressed congratulations on the convening of this forum and welcomed leaders and experts to Jiangsu. He introduced the development of higher education in Jiangsu Province in recent years and the important measures taken by the province in the training of undergraduate talents. He pointed out that undergraduate talent training is the foundation and fundamental. As far as the opportunities and challenges facing China's industrial development are concerned, the undergraduate talent training of materials should be placed in a more prominent position. At the same time, he is very interested in the introduction of the 2018 National Teaching Achievement Award (Materials) in this forum. He believes that this is a good form to play a leading role in the demonstration of national teaching achievements. It is a learning reference and promotion application award. Good practice of results.

Deputy Director Yang Qiubo gave a short speech. He believes that the convening of this forum is very timely and necessary. The theme of the forum is in line with the current new situation and new tasks of China's higher education reform and development, and is of great significance to promote the reform and innovation of materials undergraduate talents. Immediately, he made a keynote report titled "Innovation and Innovation in Higher Education with New Engineering Construction", on the initial focus and mission of new engineering construction, the overall layout and progress of new engineering construction, and the deepening of new engineering, discussed in-depth analysis and  comprehensive elaboration.

After the opening ceremony, all the leaders and guests took a group photo.

Subsequent to the 2018 National Teaching Achievement Award (Materials) results presentation, chaired by the Secretary of the Materials Professional Teaching Steering Committee and Professor Yu Lin of Harbin Institute of Technology. Professor Li Hejun of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Professor Zhu Meifang of Donghua University, Professor Dong Lijie of Wuhan University of Technology, Professor Wang Hongjie of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Professor Cheng Xiaonong of Jiangsu University and other major winners of the five award-winning achievements respectively supported the first-class disciplines, leading teachers, and first-class teachers. "The Reform and Practice of Aerospace Materials Talents Training System", "Multi-Dimensional Whole Process, Construction and Practice of Material Talents Training Mode", "Exploration and Practice of Material Talents Training Mechanism", "Efforts to adapt to diverse needs, individualized development according to their aptitude, and training The innovative talents with distinctive characteristics of materials and the combination of "integration of deep production and education, training of outstanding craftsmen" and others share their reform, innovation and practical experience and experience in undergraduate talent training.


In the afternoon of the same day, the participants held a special discussion on issues such as “new ideas, new connotations, new models, and new paths for material talents training”. The seminar was divided into two venues, and a total of 20 experts gave oral presentations. The atmosphere in the venue was lively, interactive and interactive. At the same time as the report of the sub-district, the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Materials Department of the Ministry of Education held a working meeting. The members of the committee of the meeting held in-depth discussions and exchanges on four major topics: first-class professional construction, engineering education professional certification, professional three-level certification, and the “six excellence and top-notch” program 2.0. The work meeting of the teaching and learning committee was presided over by the Secretary-General Professor Lin Lin. This 2019 new era, new mission, new mission - the high-end forum for material innovation talents training for new engineering, is to thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the New Age National Undergraduate Education Work Conference to fully grasp the situation To comprehensively revitalize undergraduate education, give full play to the role of the Teaching Steering Committee, adhere to the "based on this", promote "four regressions", accelerate the construction of high-level undergraduate education, comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training, and clarify the undergraduate course in materials under the new era. The new mission and new tasks of educators were held to open a new journey for the training of materials undergraduate education talents. With the theme of “innovation training mode, strengthening connotation construction, promoting the integration of production and education, and comprehensively improving quality”, the forum focused on hot topics such as new concepts, new models, new initiatives and engineering education professional certification for materials, using special lectures and exchanges. Discuss the combination of ways to conduct research. At the same time, papers related to the theme of the forum will be collected and will be officially published by the Higher Education Press.


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