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Faculty & Staff

Jie Hu


Research Interests:

Functional polymers, Nanomaterials, supramolecular chemistry

Personal Summary:

· Professor, Jiangsu University, China. 2013/10 – Present
· Visiting Scholar, Osaka University, Japan. 2009/10 –2010/11
· Associate Professor, Jiangsu University, China. 2007/05 –2013/09
· Lecturer, Jiangsu University, China. 2004/07 –2007/04
· Doctor's degree (Ph.D) 2001-2004
Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu China)
· M. Sc.: Polymer science 1998-2001
Sichuan University, China

Recent Publications:

1. Niu Chengrong, Jie Hu*, Yinfeng Li, Jinghang Leng, Songjun Li, A thermoresponsive nanorattle containing two different catalysts for controllable one-pot tandem catalysis, Nanotechnology, 2018, 29(10), No. 105501
2. Rong Zhao, Jie Hu*, Chengrong Niu, Yinfeng Li, Mengting Hu, Rongjuan Liu, Songjun Li, A smart nanoreactor with photo-responsive molecular switches for controlling catalytic reactions, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2016, 4: 4748- 4755
3. Di Wang, Jie Hu*, Rong Zhao, A Ternary Hybrid Nanoreactor with Thermoswitchable Catalytic Performance, RSC Advances, 2015, 5: 82732-82735
4. Jie Hu*, Rong Zhao, Di Wang, Xinglong Xu, Xiaoping Chen and Dan Shen,Phase Transition Regulated by Photo-Controlled Molecular Recognition of Alpha- Cyclodextrin,current organic chemistry,2015,19(3):282 – 288
5. Xinzhen Wu, Jie Hu*, Songjun Li, Rong Zhao, Di Wang, A Soft Shape Memory Reactor with Controllable Catalysis Characteristics, RSC Advances, 2014, 4: 32063-32067

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