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Faculty & Staff
Chingtun PENG


Research Interests:

Materials Characterizatoin, High Manganese TWIP steel.

Personal Summary:

· Distinguished expert, Jiangsu University, China. 2016/07 – Present
· Doctor's degree (Ph.D) 2011-2014
Materials Engineering, University of Wollongong, NSW (Australia)
· M. Sc.: Manufacturing Engineering 2004-2007
Bradley University, Illinois (USA)

Recent Publications:

1. Ching-Tun Peng, Mao Liu, Cheng Lu, Huijun Li, (2015) “The Determination of Self Hardening Parameters of Twinning Induced Plasticity Steel via Crystal Plasticity Modeling”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, Volume 12, Number 9, pages 2526-2530.
2. Ching-Tun Peng, Mark D. Callaghan, Huijun Li. (2015) “Post-Deformation Microstructure and Texture Characterization of Fe-18Mn-0.6C-1.5Al TWIP Steel”, steel research international, Volume 86, Issue 12, pages 1461–1468
3. Mao Liu, Kiet Tieu, Kun Zhou, Ching-Tun Peng, (2016) “Investigation of the Anisotropic Mechanical Behaviours of Copper Single Crystals Through Nanoindentation Modelling”, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A. Volume 47A, Pages 2717-2725.
4. Conglin Zhang, Peng Lv, Jie Cai, Ching-Tun Peng, Yunxue Jin, Qingfeng Guan, (2017) “The microstructure and properties of tungsten alloying layer on copper by high-current pulse electron beam”, Applied Surface Science, Volume 422, Pages 582–590.
5. Conglin Zhang, Qi Gao, Peng Lv, Jie Cai, Ching-Tun Peng, Yunxue Jin, Qingfeng Guan, (2018) “Surface modification of Cu-W powder metallurgical alloy induced by high-current pulsed electron beam”, Powder Technology, Volume 325, Pages 340-346

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