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Faculty & Staff
Yan Jiang


Research Interests:

Tribology at nanoscale, SPM characterization of nanomaterials

Personal Summary:

· Associate Professor, Jiangsu University, China. 2013/05 – Present
· Doctor's degree (Ph.D) Mechanics (nanomechanics) 2009
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, P.R.China
· M. S. Materials Science, 2005
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, P.R.China

Recent Publications:

1.Yan Jiang, Yu Sun,Fabrication and tribological properties of nanogrids on CVD-grown graphene,Micron, 2017,97:29-34 .
2.Yan Jiang, Lili Yue, Boshen Yan, Xi Liu, Xiaofei Yang,Guoan Tai and Juan Song,Electric Control of Friction on Silicon Studied by Atomic Force Microscope,Nano, 2015,10, 3: 1550038
3.Yan Jiang, Yang Li, Bing Liang, Xiaofei Yang, Tongwei Han, Ze Wang. Tribological behavior of a charged atomic force microscope tip on graphene oxide films, Nanotechnology, 2012, 23, 495703.
4.Yan Jiang, Wanlin Guo. Convex-concave nanostructure transition on highly oriented pyrolitic graphite surface induced by atomic force microscope tip under bias voltage, J. Exp. Nanosci., 2011, 6, 96-101.
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