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Faculty & Staff
Lei Jiao


Research Interests:

Aluminum matrix composite, Superplasticity, Welding technique

Personal Summary:

· Associate Professor, Jiangsu University, China. 2015/07 – Present
· Doctor's degree (Ph.D):material science2010-2014
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang  China
· M. Sc.: material processing2002-2006
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou  China

Recent Publications:

1. Lei Jiao, Yutao Zhao, Jianchao Chen,Long Chen, Microstructure and properties of Al3Zr/2024Al in situ composites after forging, Rare Metals,2016, 35 (12) :920-925
2. Jiao Lei, Wang Xiaolu, Li Hui,at.High Strain Rate Superplasticity of in situ Al3Zr/6063Al Composites,Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2016, 45(11): 2798-2803.
3. Lei Jiao, yutao zhao, Yinhou Shang, Effects of Forging on Microstructure and Friction and Wear Properties of Al3Ti/6063Al in-situ Composites. Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2016, 45(9): 2391-2396
4. Lei Jiao, YutaoZhao, Jianchao Chen, Jiachen Li, Zhen Chen, Microstructure of ZrB2/6063Al In-situ Composite Processed by Forge, key Engineering Materials, 2015, 636: 37-40.
5. Lei Jiao, yutao zhao, Xiaolu Wang, The Research Progress of the In-situ Metal matrix Composites. Key Engineering Materials, 2014, 575: 137-141.
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