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Faculty & Staff
Jili Wu


Research Interests:

1.Solidification of metals and alloys
2.Phase transformation of metals and alloys

Personal Summary:

· Assitant Professor, Jiangsu University, China. 2017/07 – Present
· Assitant Professor, Hefei University of Technology, China. 2015/03-2017/06
· Doctor's degree Materials Science and Engineering 2010-2015
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, China
· Master's degree Applied Chemistry 2005-2008
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China

Recent Publications:

1. Shouyuan Wang, Wei Jiang, Haidong Hu, Pengfei Liu, Jili Wu*, Bo Zhang*, Roles of Co element in Fe-based bulk metallic glasses utilizing industrial FeB alloy as raw material, Progress in Natural Science-Materials International, 2017, 27(4): 503-506
2. Jili Wu, Weihuo Li, Ye Pan*, Jinyan Qi, Janguo Wang, Microalloying and microstructures of Cu-based bulk metallic glasses & composites and relevant mechanical properties, Materials & Design, 2016, 89:1130-1136
3. Jili Wu, Ye Pan*, Xingzhou Li, Xianfei Wang, Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of Nb-alloyed Cu-based bulk metallic glasses and composites, Materials & Design, 2015, 75:32-39
4. Jili Wu, Ye Pan*, Xingzhou Li, Xianfei Wang, Composition design of plastic Cu-Zr-Ti-Ni bulk metallic glass: A liquidus perspective, Materials Science and Engineering A, 2014, 608:16-20
5. Jili Wu, Ye Pan*, Xingzhou Li, Xianfei Wang, New insight on glass-forming ability and designing Cu-based bulk metallic glasses: The solidification range perspective, Materials & Design, 2014, 61:199-202
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