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Xiaohong Yan
Date:2019-03-15 | View:
Xiaohong Yan


Research Interests:

Quantum transportation and quantum regulation, renewable energy batteries, nanostructure and nanomaterials, catalytic materials, condensed matter theory and computational physics.

Personal Summary:

Professor, 1995
Doctor's degree (Ph.D), 1997
Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Honorary and Awards:

- New Century Outstanding Talents Support Plan
- “Cyanine Engineering” at Jiangsu Province.
- “333” Talents Projects of Jiangsu Province.
- Renowned Supervisor of Nationwide Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations.
- State Council award for academic achievements.
- Outstanding Research Award from China Society of Academic Degree and Graduate Education. 

Recent Publications:

1.One-dimensional thermoelectrics induced by Rashba spin-orbit coupling in two-dimensional BiSb monolayer,Nano Energy, 52, 163-170 (2018)
2.Nonreciprocal Giant Magneto-Optic Effects in Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides without Magnetic Field, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8, 3805-3812 (2017)
3.Metamaterials in multilayer graphene photonics: Control of negative refraction, Carbon, 100, 74-80 (2016)
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