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Faculty & Staff
Jin Yang


Research Interests:

Surfaces/Interfaces of Materials; Superhydrophobicity; Tribology; Aerogel

Personal Summary:

· Asso. Professor, Jiangsu University, China. 2012/07 – Present
· Doctor's degree (Ph.D) 2007-2012
 Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou
· M. Sc.:Marerials Chemistry 2003-2007
Liaocheng University, Liaocheng, China

Recent Publications:

1. Jinsuo Chen, Yunfei Xia, Jin Yang*, Graphene/surfactant-assisted synthesis of edge-terminated molybdenum disulfide with enlarged interlayer spacing, Materials Letters, 2018, 210, 248–251.
2. Danning Zhu, Yunfei Xia, Jin Yang*, Beibei Chen, Shun Guo, Changsheng Li*, One-step removal of insoluble oily compounds and watermiscible contaminants from water by underwater superoleophobic graphene oxide-coated cotton, Cellulose, 2017, 24, 5605–5614.
3. Jin Yang∗, Yunfei Xia, Haojie Song, Beibei Chen, Zhaozhu Zhang, Synthesis of the liquid-like graphene with excellent tribological properties, Tribology International, 2017, 105, 118–124.
4. Jinsuo Chen, Jin Yang∗, , Beibei Chen, Shuai Liu, Jinze Dong, Changsheng Li∗, Large-scale synthesis of NbSe2 nanosheets and their use as nanofillers for improving the tribological properties of epoxy coatings, Surface & Coatings Technology 2016, 305, 23–28.
5. Jin Yang*, Linting Yin, Hua Tang, Haojie Song, Xiaoning Gao, Kai Liang, Changsheng Li, Polyelectrolyte-fluorosurfactant complex-based meshes with superhydrophilicity and superoleophobicity for oil/water separation, Chemical Engineering Journal 2015, 268, 245–250.
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