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Faculty & Staff

Xuehua Yan


Research Interests:

Nanocomposites, 2D Materials, Electrochemical Supercapacitors, Photocatalysis

Personal Summary:

· Professor, Jiangsu University, China. 2012– Present
· Visiting Research Professor, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, 2008
· Doctor's degree (Ph.D) 2006; M. Engin. (2001); B. Engin. (1998); School of Materials Science and Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China

Honorary and Awards:

1.Member of Editor Board of Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society (Since 2008)
2.Reviewer for Applied Surface Science, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Materials Letters, Journal of Materials Science, Environmental Technology, Physica B, Moleculars, Frontiers in Chemistry.
3.Consulting member for National Key Research and Development Program, Key Program for International S & T cooperation Project of China, S & T Project and Award of the Ministry of Education, S & T Department of Guangdong and Shaanxi and Sichuan, China.
4.Outstanding contribution to talent construction of Jiangsu University (2016, 2011); Young position master of Jiangsu University (2015); Prominent teacher of Jiangsu University (2014); Award for technological invention of the Ministry of Education, China (2011); High level talent of six-talents-peak of Jiangsu Province (2011); Excellent Teacher of Qing-Lan project of Jiangsu Province (2008); Excellent doctorial dissertations of Jiangsu Province (2007)

Recent Publications:

1. Smart combination of three-dimensional-flower-like MoS2 nanospheres/interconnected carbon nanotubes for application in supercapacitor with enhanced electrochemical performance, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2017, 696, 900-906
2. Preparation and characterization of graphitic C3N4/Ag3VO4 with excellent photocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 2017, 28(1), 641-651
3. Facile self-assembly of Fe3O4 nanoparticles@WS2 nanosheets: a promising candidate for supercapacitor electrode, Electronic Materials Letters, 2016, 12(6), 789-794
4. One-step and large-scale preparation of TiO2/amorphous carbon composites with excellent visible photocatalytic property, RSC Advance, 2016, 6(70), 65607-65612
5. Thermal expansion and electrical properties of stannum doped manganese nitrides and composites, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2015, 35(12), 3213-3217
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