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Faculty & Staff
Li Changsheng


Research Interests:

Tribology,Powder Metallurgy, Composite Materials, Nanomaterials

Personal Summary:

· Professor, Jiangsu University, China. 2002/04 – Present
· Professor, Yanshan University, China. 2001/04 – 2002/03
· Visting scholar, Doctor degree, Assistant professor, Toyohasi University of Science and Technology, Japan. 1993/04-2001/03
· Lecture, Vice professor, Liaoning Technical University, Chian. 1988/08-1993/03
· Master degree, College of Materials Science and Engineering, North-East University, China. 1985/08-1988/07
· Assistant professor, Liaoning Technical University, Chian. 1982/02-1985/007
· Bachelor degree, Central-South Uniervsity, China.1978/02-1982/01
· Worker, Xiangtan Iron and Steel Corporation, 1975/01-1978/01

Recent Publications:

1. Changsheng LI, Yanqing LIU and Junmao LI, The synthesis and properties studying of 1-D TaS2 nanostructuture, [J].Key Engineering Materials, vols.353-358, 2007, pp.2139-2142. (SCI)
2. Changsheng Li, Kehong Yan, Junmao Li, Xiaoping Shen and Kangmin Chen, Inverstigation of Micro-Tribological Behavior of MS2 Nanotubes, [J]. Solid State Phenomena, vols.121-123, 2007, pp.785-788. (SCI)
3. Changsheng Li, Jingwen Sun, Guangfei Sun, Guowen Yao, Zixin Chen, Study on ferromagnetic shape memory alloy Ni-Mn-Ga films [J] Surface & Coating  Technology, 201 (2007) 5348-5353 (SCI)
4. Li GW, Li CS*, Tang H, et al., Synthesis and characterization of hollow MoS2 microspheres grown from MoO3 precursors, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 501 (2010) 275-281(SCI)
5. Wu QO, Li CS*, Tang H, Surface characterization and growth mechanism of laminated Ti3SiC2 crystals fabricated by hot isostatic pressing, Applied Surface Science, 256 (2010) 6986-6990 (SCI)
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