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Faculty & Staff
Yinqun Hua


Research Interests:

· The Micro-Manufacture by Laser and Laser induced surface strengthening mechanism
· Function Ceramic Materials
· Solar Cell Materials

Personal Summary:

· Associate Professor, Jiangsu University, China. 2005/07 – Present
· Post-Doctorate Research Fellowship, Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics . 2008/11 – 2011/05
· Doctor's degree (Ph.D), Manufacture and Automation of Machine, Jiangsu University (Pre Jiangsu Polytechnic Institute), P. R. China,1999/09-2003/06
· Dean Institute of Advanced Materials, Jiangsu University, 2014.5- present

Recent Publications:

1 .Wang Bing(#), Hua Yinqun*, Ye Yunxia, Chen Ruifang ,LiZhibao. Transparent superhydrophobic solar glass prepared by fabricating groove-shaped arrays on the surface.  Applied Surface Science, 2017, 426C: 957-964
2. Jiangdong Cao(#),Junsong Zhang,Yinqun Hua(*),Ruifang Chen,Microstructures and isothermal oxidation behaviors of CoCrAlYTaSi coating prepared by plasma spraying on the Ni-based superalloy GH202,Surface and Coatings Technology,2017,311:19-26
3. Ruifang Chen(#), Zhihui Hu, Yunxia Ye, Junsong Zhang, Zhiguo Shi, Yinqun Hua*, An Anti-reflective 1D Rectangle Grating on GaAs Solar cell Using One-step Femtosecond. Laser Fabrication。Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2017, 93:109–113
4. Hua Yinqun(#),Bai Yuchuan,Ye Yunxia,Xue Qing,Liu Haixia,Chen Ruifang,Chen Kangmin,Hot corrosion behavior of TC11 titanium alloy treated by laser shock processing,Applied Surface Science,2013,283:775-780
5. Hua Yinqun(#),Xue Qing,Liu Haixia,Ye Yunxia,Chen Ruifang,Ni Zeyan,Study of the substructure in nanometer copper thin films treated by laser shock processing,Chinese Optics Letters,2013,11(3):0314021-3
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