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Faculty & Staff
Guomin Hua                                  


Research Interests:

Computational Materials Science, Electronic Basis of Materials Strength and Toughness, Solid Mechanics, Refractory Ceramics and Alloys, Abrasive-Resistant Materials, Controllable Growth and Application of Nanostructured Materials

Personal Summary:

·Associate Professor, Jiangsu University, China. 2016/08 – Present
·Post-Doctorate Research Fellowship 2011/01 – 2016/07 Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada
·Ph.D: Condensed Matter Physics 2006-2010 Institute of Solid State Physics, CAS
·M.Sc: Condensed Matter Physics 2003-2006 Institute of Solid State Physics, CAS
·B.Sc.: Applied Physics 1998-2002 College of science, Shenyang University of Technology

Recent Publications:

1. Guomin Hua, Changsheng Li, Xiaonong Cheng, Xinluo Zhao, Quan Feng, Zhijie Li, Dongyang Li, Jerzy A. Szpunar."First-principles study on influence of molybdenum on acicular ferrite formation on TiC particles in microallyed steels", Solid State Communications, 269 (2018) 102–107
2. Guomin Hua, Dongyang Li, "Electron Work Function: A Novel Probe for Toughness", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18, 2016, 4753.
Highlight by chemistryworld : "Electron work functions look tough" :
3. Guomin Hua, Lide Zhang, Guangtao Fei, Ming Fang, “Enhanced catalytic activity induced by defects in mesoporous ceria nanotubes”, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22, 2012, 6851.
4. Guomin Hua, Dongyang Li, “Generic relation between the electron work function and Young's modulus of metals”, Applied Physics Letters, 99, 2011, 041907.
5. Guomin Hua, Yue Tian, Liangliang Yin, and Lide Zhang, “Reproducible Growth of Ultralong ZnO Nanowire Arrays in the Metastable Supersaturated Solution”, Crystal Growth & Design, 9, 2009,4653.
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